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Inayati Leadership Training 2018

The Inayati Order Esoteric School leadership is made up of a worldwide community of authorized spiritual teachers & guides offering classes, public events, retreats, and individual guidance in their local communities and online.

If you are interested in becoming a leader within the Inayati Order, an application process and ongoing training are available to students who have been recommended by their guide. To learn more about Esoteric School leadership roles and responsibilities, and the application and training processes, or to nominate someone for leadership training, please visit

Inayati Leadership Training 2018

Leadership training is provided one-on-one, with the guidance of a more senior representative of the Order, through regular individual and group retreats, and through leadership training programs on specific themes.

Leadership training includes an annual Inayati Order Leadership Spring Training in March of each year, and a two-year Inayati Order Emergent Leaders Program, both held in Richmond, Virginia.

Additionally, there is a series of in-person and online Inayati Order Leadership Training Modules, with details for upcoming modules shared below.


Inayati Order Leadership Training Modules: Online

All existing Inayati Order Leaders, and candidates for Coordinator and Representative positions, are encouraged to complete Inayati Order Leadership Training Modules*, offered in-person and online. You are warmly invited to this course of study.

February 17-18, 2018: Guidance with Aqdasi Newmark
Saturday & Sunday, 9-5 pm PST. Tuition: $150. Contact: Aqdasi at

March 3-4: Meditation with Kainat Felicia Norton & Naima Brown
Saturday & Sunday, 10- 6 pm EST. Tuition: $125. Contact: Widad at

Modules run for all day for two days and are taught via Skype or Zoom. Pricing is reasonable and usually under $150 per module. You may attend alone or share a computer with a registered friend.

Open to all Inayati Order Leaders and leaders-in-training, all Inayati Order Concentrations’ Leadership, Retreat Guides, and advanced murids with their guide’s permission. The Federation of the Sufi Message Inayati branches’ leadership or those in training are also welcome.

Each weekend is full with teachings, practices, meditations, and includes dyads, sobhet, questions and answers.

For more information about Inayati Order Leadership Training Modules, please contact Aqdasi Newmark at or Naima Brown at

*Please note that the modules are required for appointment as an Inayati Order Coordinator or Representative and may be completed over several years.