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The Chivalric Rules

Hazrat Inayat Khan composed four sets of rules to cultivate a morally attuned culture and instill awareness in our inter-relationship with all beings. These belong to the tradition of spiritual chivalry (futuwwa), an essential part of the Sufi path.

General Instructions: At first, the rules may seem self-evident and obvious, but if you work diligently with them, you will find that each rule opens up onto a vast field of inquiry and awareness. For this reason, some take on the rules as a disciplined practice. Starting with the first one, you say a rule out loud every day for forty days and seek to apply it in your life. Then you do the same for the next rule, until all are finished.*

The rules come in four sets of ten rules, forty in all, called the Iron Rules, the Copper Rules, the Silver Rules, and the Golden Rules.

* If you would like to undertake this practice and receive a certification of completion when you are done, please visit the Knighthood of Purity.