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Zephyr November Notes

When war is raging and people are suffering and dying, the whole world feels it. All of us, all of the people of the Earth, hear in our souls the reverberations of the explosions, shrieks, and sobs of the warzone.  For those whose loved ones are beneath falling bombs, the bombardment is a ceaseless psychic […]

The Story of the Ripple

The Story of the Ripple Pir Zia Inayat Khan Once upon a time a ripple of sunlight hurled through the emptiness of interplanetary space. Careening through the void, it dove, and soared, and swam with abandon. “Look at me,” it thought. “Was there ever a ray so supple and spry?”  Suddenly an asteroid barreled by. […]

Nan Hill Artist Statement on Murshid at Suresnes Portrait

Nan Hill Artist Statement on Murshid at Suresnes Portrait When embarking on a portrait, I look for something fundamental about the esteemed person’s character which influences their legacy. With Hazrat Inayat Khan, his capacity for self-discipline came forthrightly to mind. Far from an authoritarian approach, the discipline he required of himself, and modeled as an […]