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Music of the Spheres: Gamaka Commentaries, Nirtan

“The essence of today’s Message is balance.”

God is the First and the Last, the Outer and Inner. To find God, look where the opposites meet.

The outward beckons. Colors and fragrances allure the senses. Hands look for wood, stone, or metal to mold. Towers rise up to the sky. Crowds gather, goods are bought and sold, armies clash, and councils convene. The soul loses itself in the story.

In time, as it must, remembrance breaks though. The cityscape goes pale and behind the orbs of the seer’s eyes a prismatic fountain wells up. The world is liquefied, ignited, evaporated, and at last dematerialized. The story of the earth is forgotten. The soul stands face-to-face with its transcendental Origin.

Will the soul reside forever in that placeless place? Or will it fall back to earth, as one awakening from, and forgetting, a dream too large to carry into time and space?

Or yet, somehow, will a balance be struck? When the soul enters the earth’s story without losing sight of its own light, and the source of that light, a holy mystery unfolds. The story of the earth becomes the story of God’s revelation.