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The Zephyr, January 2024

20 January 2024 Dear Companions on the Path— Greetings! We have a lot to share in these first weeks of the new year… Pir Zia is spending a few weeks on his new writing project, working on his forthcoming title, Tears from the Mother of the Sun, with the visual artist Amruta Patel. He has a […]

Inayatiyya International Board Newsletter, January 2024

As the Inayatiyya International Board, we have some news to share with you.  World Wide Message Council Transitions Our good friend, Tarana Jobin, has served as the Vice President of the Music Activity for the last four years. We are incredibly grateful for the immeasurable ways that she has enriched this activity. During this time, […]

⭐ Shukran! + New Year’s Day Attunement Video⭐

Dearest friends— We did magically manifest quite a bit since Sunday morning!  All told, another 48 people gave on New Year’s Eve, with 282 of us giving $182,306 in total toward our year-end appeal. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Soon we will share more about our plans for the year.  As the Sufis say, stay tuned! […]

⭐ 30 Days of Giving—Truth⭐

Dear Companions on the Path, A quick update—234 of you have given toward our year-end appeal so far, giving a collective total of $158,598.* Thank you for helping us come as close as possible to our $220,000 goal! Please help us magically manifest another $61,402  by midnight tonight, New York Time (EST).  Wishing you a lovely turn to […]

⭐ 30 Days of Giving—Love & Hope⭐

Dear Companions on the Path, Thank you for helping us raise another $12,106 over the last two days! So far, our community has donated $140,570 toward our year-end goal of $220,000. We now have 64 hours left to raise an additional $79,430 by Sunday, December 31st at midnight New York Time (EST). Any amount you can give goes directly into subsidizing […]

⭐ 30 Days of Giving—Beauty & Strength⭐

Dear Companions on the Path, We hope you are having a beautiful, restful week! This is a quick update on our year-end  appeal, in the midst of the holidays. As of this morning, we have raised a total of $128,464 toward our goal of $220,000. Thank you to all of you who have given toward this specific appeal! […]

⭐ 30 Days of Giving—Staying Close⭐

23 December 2023 Dear Companions on the Path, This coming week, with children and grandchildren off from school and work burdens possibly lessened, many of us will make an effort to see our friends and loved ones in person. For those of us who can’t be with the ones we love, we may be grateful to […]

The Zephyr, December 2023

21 December 2023 Dear Companions on the Path, It’s drizzling today here in Richmond. It’s Maulana Rumi’s Urs – God bless and keep him. An hour ago we gathered for a Sunday Sama with Maestro Anupriya Deotale. Pure ecstasy. Afterward I navigated to CNN. These words appeared at the top of the headline news feed: “Approximately […]

⭐ 30 Days of Giving—Where does it all come from?⭐

16 December 2023 Dear Friends, In previous times, wandering dervishes carried a begging bowl to collect alms which provided their main source of sustenance. Our current times are not so simple! Costs associated with gathering our beloved community and spreading the Sufi message include such practical considerations as staffing, digital platforms, translation, Zoom hosts, faculty support, […]

⭐ 30 Days of Giving—Our Lineage Means a Lot to You!⭐

13 December 2023 Dear Friends, In the Big Questions survey we wanted to know what the Inayatiyya is to you. Your answers varied yet what became clear is that our lineage means a great deal to many of you! If over the past year the Inayatiyya’s presence has helped to reflect your heart’s longing for connection with the […]