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Inayati Order Leaders Training Module on Contemplation, Online

Inayati Order Leaders Training Module on Contemplation, Online

Date: Saturday & Sunday, September 7-8th, 2019

Time:  9 am – 5 pm, Pacific Time (Lunch break from 12:30 to 2 pm)

Where:  Zoom

Early Registration: $130 anytime prior to August 23 at midnight, Pacific Time.

Regular Registration: $150 when received on August 24 or later.  Scholarships and discounts are readily available.

To register & make a payment:

  1. By PayPal by following this link:
  2. By Check, including name, Sufi name, address, phone number, email.
    Mail to Aqdasi Newmark, 230 Granelli Avenue, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019.

Your name will be added to the course list, and you’ll be sent an email when your registration is complete.

About 2 weeks prior to the Training, you’ll receive an email with information about the Contemplation weekend, online adab, and making your computer a sacred space.

A complete class list and the Inayati Order Leaders Training in Contemplation manual will be emailed to you the week prior to the course, Insha’Allah.

To confirm registration or ask questions, kindly email Aqdasi at  or call 520-300-0086

In contemplation the object holds the mind. Concentration itself… turns into contemplation, and contemplation, with practice, merges into meditation. …

By contemplating upon divine attributes one wakens the same attributes within oneself, her or his heart reflects the light of that divine attribute which one contemplated upon.”  from Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sangatha II.

 You are warmly invited to attend the Inayati Order Online Leaders Training Module on Contemplation.  We offer this Module to enhance your contemplative ability by comprehensive sacred teaching in a manner that is interactive and experiential. Recent contemplations of Pir Zia and others have been included, as well as those of Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan, Pir Vilayat and other ancient and contemporary Sufis. This course culminates with contemplations on Resurrection.

During the weekend, one meets and joins in with an online community of friends. There will be time for dyads to share from the heart in a safe environment as well as subhat. A Manual, Contemplation Module for Leaders, for reference, home study, and a resource for teaching and guiding murids is provided as well as a Certificate of Completion.

Pir Zia encourages all candidates for leadership positions to attend the Leadership Training Modules. Completion of these Modules is a requirement for appointment as a Representative in the Esoteric School of the Inayati Order; and, existing Coordinators and Representatives are encouraged to undertake this course of study as continuing education.

This module is open to those in leadership roles, or training for leadership, in the other 5 activities of the Inayati Order, or in leadership roles in one of the member organizations of the Federation of the Sufi Message. Advanced murids are welcome to attend with their guide’s recommendation.


Aqdasi Newmark is an Inayati Order senior teacher and Retreat Guide. She is one of the developers of the Leaders Training Modules, teaches Online Inayati Esoteric classes, and mentors Retreat Guides, Coordinators, and Representatives. She has served as a mentor for Suluk classes and on the Steering Committee for the Online Suluk Class Nasim. Recently, Aqdasi helped to update the Esoteric School Leadership Training, compiling a detailed Mentor and Advisor Reference for current practices. With her partner, Hadi Newmark, she coordinates the Inayati Order Center in Half Moon Bay, CA. Aqdasi holds a doctorate in psychology and is a lifelong psychotherapist.