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Inayati Retreat Concentration Update

Please welcome Amida Cary as the new Director of the Inayati Order’s Retreat Concentration. Amida will support the work of Nigel Hamilton in the UK and Naima Brown in the US, our two Vice Presidents of the Inayati Order’s Esoteric School.

In her new role, Amida works in concert with an international network of experienced retreat guides and trainee mentors. Together they focus on encouraging and guiding murids and leaders as they enter the transformative depths of the retreat process.

Amida is an experienced retreat guide herself and has worked closely with Pir Vilayat, Aziza Scott, and Pir Zia. She collaborated with Pir Vilayat for many years editing his curriculum and establishing the website She is also a founder of Suluk Academy, has served as Suluk faculty, and is the Inayati Order’s Regional Representative for Northern California.

Many thanks are due to Aziza Scott who was VP of the Inayati Order’s Esoteric School for many years, and who expertly guided the Inayati Order’s Retreat Concentration. Aziza continues to lead retreats worldwide while mentoring Amida in her new role.

For questions about becoming a retreat guide or about the retreat process, you can contact Amida at