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Suluk Global Online Course

Suluk Global Online Course
September 2020 through June 2022

The Suluk Global Online two-year core course is in progress and graduates June 2022. We hope to launch a new Suluk class, either in-person, online, or a hybrid, in 2023.  If you are interested in potentially becoming a student of Suluk, please email

Suluk Academy launched a very special class Fall 2020, a Suluk Global Online Course involving 150 students primarily from four global regions – Europe, Turkey, North America & Oceania. 

Suluk is designed for initiates, called murids, within the Inayatiyya’s Inner School. Over the course of two years, students deeply explore the fundamentals of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s school of Sufism under the rubric of Concentration, Contemplation, Meditation and Realization.

Among the topics of study are purification of body and mind, prayer, breath, the elements, light, the inner senses, the Chivalric Rules, the God Ideal, the Divine Names, the subtle centers, and the Spirit of Guidance.

A direct transmission is shared through a mix of practice, lecture, suhbat, and zikr, and held within a container of spiritual friendship.

If you are an initiate of the Inayatiyya’s Inner School and have ever desired to intensively study the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927), Suluk may be for you. Since Suluk’s founding in 2003, over 500 students have graduated from our two-year course worldwide, with something more than a conventional credential – a greater depth of self and insight into life.

We hope you consider becoming a future student of Suluk.