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Emerald Contemplations Introduction

How do we practice chivalry toward the natural world in which we are interwoven? In the same way that a herald seeks a moral relationship with fellow humans by reflecting on the Iron, Copper, Silver and Golden Rules, as Emerald apprentices we can enhance our moral relationship with the myriad forms of life around us by reflecting on the Emerald Contemplations. No ten thoughts, even those carefully culled, can encompass the fullness of our relations with the natural world. May these contemplations be an orienting compass for exploring your own living experience of Nature, within and without.

Contemplation involves setting aside thoughts and preconceptions and opening to direct experience, including our visceral and emotional responses. Opening one’s heart to the beauty and wonder of Nature kindles intuition and insight and leads to gratitude and moments of delight.

These contemplations are appearing at a time when Nature is being routinely plundered, polluted, and destroyed. This reality compels us to refresh our relationship with the natural world through love and awakened conscience. We each have a role to play in restoring balance in the human relationship with Nature. Please allow these contemplations to enter you through your breath, your thoughts, your feelings, your senses as seed thoughts reminding us of the precious gifts of Nature and invigorating our commitment to protect and restore them.

To receive an Emerald apprentice ordination, please contact the Knighthood of Purity Vice President at

Recite and reflect upon each Contemplation once a day, starting with the first, over a forty-day period. During the day be aware of your behavior in relation to that Contemplation. It takes 400 days to complete the practice. Upon completion, the Emerald apprentice will be invited to a ceremony to be recognized as a Guardian of Nature.

My conscientious self:

Sense the presence of Nature in each breath.

Know yourself as a tendril of the living Earth.

Listen to the sacred voice of Nature within and without.

Open to the beauty and wonder that Nature inspires.

Offer respect and gratitude for Nature’s bountiful gifts.

Draw strength from the Earth, give kindness in return.

Honor all the inhabitants of Earth as kin.

Consider how your choices affect the future of the whole web of life.

Strive to protect and restore the natural world.

Delight in the sun, the rain, the trees, the creatures, the soil, the breeze.