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Ali Khan Sings Maheboob Khan – Inayatiyya Musicians’ Guild

Historic Recordings of Murshid Mohammed Ali Khan
Singing Songs of Shaikh-ul-mashaik Maheboob Khan

With gratitude to Hamida Verlinden, we are pleased to share these historic recordings of Murshid Mohammed Ali Khan singing songs of Shaikh-ul-mashaik Pyaromir Maheboob Khan and the Gayanshala. In addition to the Invocation and Fatiha, there are 23 songs lasting 70 minutes total.  To enjoy them in MP3 format, you may download the full zip file here.

Songs of Shaikh-ul-Mashaik Pyaromir Maheboob Khan
Sung by Murshid Mohammed Ali Khan
Piano accompaniment by Halima Lange
Recorded in Zurich 1956 by the Bernoulli family
Remastered by Alim Vosteen


Al Fatiha


Persian Spring Song

Thy Wish

Hindu Spring Song


You Are My Life

The Sun Will Shine

Before You Judge


Song of the Dawn

Why, O My Feeling Heart

Bibhas Hymn to the Sun

Oh Lord, Correct Me

Hindu Song

I Cling to Thee

How Shall I Thank Thee

Child Krishna

River Narmada

I Am the Wine

I Searched


Do I Call Thee My Soul

Heavenly Father